In this ebook, corporate attorney Julie Grantham outlines seven key questions all attorneys should ask themselves and their clients as they create an NDA. The questions are followed by analytical responses and thorough examples that offer a clear path to follow in your own contract-drafting process.

The ABCs of NDAs is a must-have if you want to:

  • Clearly define your client’s confidential information

  • Establish trust by carefully outlining timelines and privacy procedures

  • Factor in context-specific legal issues

  • Clarify what NDAs can and cannot do for your client’s business relationship

In an era where digitization has made privacy more vulnerable than ever, drafting an airtight NDA is extremely important for you and your clients. Let this easy-to-follow ebook take the guesswork out of your next NDA!

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The ABCs of NDAs
Seven Common Questions Answered for Constructing a Non-Disclosure Agreement