Force Majeure Clauses for a

Are your clients asking about force majeure clauses since the COVID pandemic?

Although interest in force majeure clauses has definitely picked up among executives and decision makers, lawyers are still split on best practices.

In our latest Key Clauses ebook, legal consultant Gretchen Cothron walks through the history of force majeure clauses to nail down their purpose, and turns that perspective into tactical drafting choices.

In Force Majeure Clauses for a Post-COVID-19 World, Cothron addresses questions like:

  • Why include a force majeure clause rather than leave it to Common Law principles?

  • Which principles govern how courts will interpret force majeure clauses?

  • How do you instruct clients who are asking for force majeure clause updates?

Catastrophic risks are on your clients’ minds—don’t ignore their concerns, but draft wisely. With this new ebook, you’ll make better decisions about both drafting and client management.

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Post-COVID-19 World